Order the new album by Eddie James, entitled "SHIFT"!

The "SHIFT" album is divided into a two disk set, with the first CD being called "Fire", and the second, "Awakening".

Disk One: Fire

Fire (Featuring Jayna Cullens and Micayla Burnes)
That Same Spirit (Rap: Elijah Schoolfield)
That Same Spirit Praise Break (Jesus Said Reprise)
Joy (Featuring Catherine Mullins)
I Love You
Your Face (Featuring Nick Franklin and Emma Back)
He's Alive
Breathe On Me (Featuring Bryn Waddell)

Disk Two: Awakening

Shift (Rap: Kyle Evans)
Holy Spirit Come (Featuring Jayna Cullens and Tanisha Brown)
You Reign (Featuring Nick Franklin and Alicia Evans)
Nazarite Cry
Leviticus 6:13 (Featuring Johnathan Thompson)
House of Prayer (Featuring Jayna Cullens)

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